Agenda item 180: Observer status for the Small Island Developing States Dock (SIDS DOCK) in the General Assembly

Statement by:

Delegation of Micronesia

New York, 6 November 2020


Micronesia welcomes the request under consideration in this agenda item and encourages the granting of observer status to the Small Island Developing States Dock (“SIDS DOCK”). Micronesia was actively involved in the establishment of SIDS DOCK and views the entity as closely related to the core objectives and mission of the United Nations.

SIDS DOCK is an important international platform uniquely positioned to represent and assist small island developing states (“SIDS”). SIDS DOCK is essentially a “docking station” that links the energy sectors in SIDS with international markets for finance and sustainable energy technology, among others. The platform benefits SIDS by improving access to investment financing, coordinating the development of technical capacity, and facilitating transitions to sustainable energy technologies.

Additionally, SIDS DOCK is the only United Nations-recognized multilateral organization with all the rights and privileges to specifically represent the interests of SIDS as a whole. The organization regularly interacts with representatives from all 37 SIDS that are members of the United Nations. Its close ties to these States and unique understanding of their circumstances will help these States achieve their development goals and move towards a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, SIDS DOCK was established in line with the principles and purposes of the United Nations, as articulated in the United Nations Charter. Like the United Nations, it emphasizes principles such as the centrality of multilateralism and effective collaboration and cooperation to address global challenges. It has also aligned its goals with that of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, concentrating on supporting SIDS in achieving their sustainable development goals under the Agenda, including by ensuring access to modern renewable energy technology, combating climate change, conserving marine resources, and achieving gender equality and empowerment for women and girls.

Also, SIDS DOCK is the only multilateral organization led by SIDS that addresses energy security in the context of climate change and resilience for these States. The adverse effects of climate change, including sea-level rise, are urgent and particularly affect SIDS. SIDS DOCK addresses this, focusing on island States’ unique relationship with the Ocean and marine resources, and concentrating its efforts on harnessing the Ocean as a renewable energy resource. In the near future, Micronesia, like many other SIDS, plans to transition to a robust renewable energy portfolio, and such SIDS will greatly benefit from the support provided by SIDS DOCK, allowing these States to achieve their development goals and work towards a more sustainable future, in line with the core principles and purposes of the United Nations.

Micronesia therefore supports the granting of observer status to SIDS DOCK and urges the elevation of this important platform’s voice within the United Nations.

Thank you, Chair.

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