ESCAP Youth – UN Volunteer Job Advertisement (Micronesia)

ESCAP Youth job announcement to Micronesian youth interested in applying. The position is with the ESCAP Pacific Office based in Suva and is targeted at nationals of Micronesia, regardless of current residency.  The position will focus on assisting Micronesian countries in reporting progress against global and regional initiatives such as the SDGs, as well as national priorities as identified in national planning documents. To be qualified, the applicant must be between the ages of 18 to 26. The link to apply is

The interested individual should access the link provided and apply no later than February 22, 2023 EST.


  1. Rockson Hebel

    I would love to help. Since I have four boys i would like for them to grow in a environment that they would feel safe.I strongly believe that our youth are the future generation and I would like to part of something to help them youth now so they can help my sons future will be peace and safety

    1. Kenneth Welles

      Kaselehlie Mr. Hebel,

      Thank you for the comment. May I ask if you are applying this for yourself? The age limit is between 18-26 and the assignment is in Suva, Fiji. If you fit these requirements, then please click on the link provided in the announcement and apply.

  2. Samuyal rumba tamang

    Hi my name is samuyal rumba tamang i am from nepal and i am refugee in A.D 2016 in micronesia no i want to join un volunteer job Becase i am the one of them who get help from un there so if possible i also want to help

    1. Kenneth Welles

      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this is for the Micronesian youth.

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