General Assembly – Eleventh Emergency Special Session

Statement by H.E. Jane Chigiyal

Permanent Representative of the Federated States of Micronesia to the UN

New York, 1 March 2022   


Mr. President,



We align ourselves with the statement delivered by Fiji on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum members. We endorse the efforts of the Secretary-General on the situation in Ukraine. I would like to make a few points in our national capacity.

The events on the ground in Ukraine have dramatically worsened. In addition to the tensions in the Eastern part of Ukraine, we are now seeing a full-fledged invasion of a sovereign nation – an attack from a member of this organization, on that of another member. This act is in full contravention to international law and the principles of our United Nations Charter. This is not a “Peacekeeping Mission”, but a war of aggression. It is clear beyond any possible doubt who the aggressor is, and who the victim. 

Mr. President

War has a human face and there are no winners. It is with horror that we witness children, women, and civilians fall victim to the conflict. We deplore this indiscriminate act. We call for the immediate cessation of hostilities, and the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces out of the sovereign territory of Ukraine, in its internationally recognized borders; and their immediate return to barracks. We further call that rapid, safe, and unhindered access to humanitarian assistance and safe passage be provided to the Ukrainian population, and others seeking it.

Mr. President,

Micronesia is a small and peaceful-loving country. The principles of our nation’s constitution, which unites our Micronesian island nation, and her people, are closely related to the principles of the United Nations Charter. We are encouraged by the strong expressions and actions of the United Nations, particularly those directed at the protection of human rights, as well as under humanitarian law and the prevention and suppression of armed conflicts. We are thus deeply concerned by the abhorrent acts of the Russian Federation.  I cannot overstress our determination to stand united with the people of Ukraine.  In solidarity, the Federated States of Micronesia, as announced days ago by our President, has severed diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

Mr. President,

Diplomatic negotiations are needed in good faith and on equal terms if peace is to have a chance. We urge parties to take the path of peaceful dialogue.

We draw inspiration from the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of overwhelming forces; Micronesia stands in solidarity with them and has co-sponsored and will vote in favor of the draft resolution entitled “Aggression Against Ukraine”.

I thank you!



  1. Raglmar-Subolmar Raglmar

    As a former Micronia’s Laison Officer to Japan in Tokyo (1984-1987) and served to establish diplomatic relation with Japan and greatly assisted in that regard by the late Honorable US Ambassadot Mike Mansfield and as FSM Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Asia, Pacific, Africa and Multilaterial Affairs including the United Nations and attended the 1992 World Summit of World leaders with my President Bailey Olter on the Conventions of Climate Change and Biodiversty, which the FSM signed. I appreciate the statement by Ambassador Chigiyal and as a matter of fact I was standing by President David W. Panuelo made his Statement in Yap State severing diplomatic reslations with an otherwise a major and important nation in these United Nations as one of its five (5) founders. God bless Ukraine and Mankind!

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