On April 17, 2024, FSM was given the Durwood Zaelke Global Eco-Action Roll of Honor.

New York

April 18, 2024

Presented at the ceremony:

Island countries are most vulnerable to the climate crisis. Back in 2009, one small island country in the Pacific Ocean started a movement to phase out a super-hot climate pollutant that is a thousand times hotter than carbon dioxide – Hydro-Flouro Carbon (HFCs).

This country has a population of only about 100,000 people. The proposal was barred by the two largest countries in the world that had a population of about 2.5 billion. Facing many difficulties and diplomatic challenges, the movement led to the 2016 Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Your story will be showcased for international inspiration.

Congratulations in advance and cheers to the FSM.

FSM’s Speech:

I would like to say that Micronesia has a long working relationship with many of you fighting together for meaningful causes that will help not only our people, little communities, and our Pacific region, but for the betterment for our world. On behalf of my leaders before me and who have dedicated and cared so much, I extend our sincerest gratitude for Micronesia’s nomination and recognition for the word done in the Kigali Amendment.

The Federated States of Micronesia has always been active in combating climate change. Working through the UN Framework Convention was important but found, insufficient. A sizable portion of global warming is triggered by gases other than CO2. And so the journey started under the auspices of the Montreal Protocol.

The protocol, originally designed to protect the Ozone layer, showed its potential to also help fight climate change. The journey wasn’t always easy as many skeptics had to be convinced, many hurdles had to be overcome, and getting ears and eyes turned our way. Perhaps our greatest achievement was the Kigali Amendment, which came into effect in 2019. But our journey does not end there, now we have our sight on Methane.

Always, Micronesia is here to stay and looks forward to continue our hard work together.

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